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Duxes Anti-Corruption Series Reivew

Duxes’ Anti-Corruption Series has been going from strength to strength since 2009. To date, it has held eight China Anti- Corruption Summits, two Anti-Corruption Compliance Master Courses, one China Anti-Corruption Forum, three Asia-Pacific Corruption Summits and one Anti-Corruption Summit in India.

This has been made possible through support of the Chinese and regional governments and world leading associations, including the SAIC of China, ICAC of Hong Kong, ICAC of Australia, ACRC of Korea, CPIB of Singapore, MACC of Malaysia, OECD, Transparency International, the World Bank, ICA, CSR International, CSR Asia, Business Roundtable, and many others. Speakers have consistently shared their invaluable insights and experience, helping delegates to establish ethical, compliant and profitable businesses.

Beijing, China
Dubai, UAE
Hong Kong

Duxes Anti-Trust Series Reivew

Organized by Duxes (Shanghai) Business Consulting Inc., the Anti-Trust Law Series has been growing steadily over the years, with 15 exceptional events since 2007. Extensive experience and broad expertise among speakers has been a hallmark of each of these seminars. Speakers have included senior management and representatives from MOFCOM, SAIC, NDRC, SPC, the University of International Business and Economics, Peking University, Hong Kong Competition Commission, Competition Commission of Singapore, Japan Fair Trade Commission, Malaysia Competition Commission, Lingnan University, and leading law firms at home and aboard. They have helped attendees to consider and resolve critical issues and gain a comprehensive understanding of China’s anti-trust efforts.

Beijing, China
Hong Kong

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